"Practice, practice, practice, all is coming."Sri K. Pattabhi Jois



Yoga is for most people beginning of better health, vitality and happiness.

On yoga class you should bring comfortable clothes, towel, good will and open mind. Despite ingrained beliefs you will sweat a lot even on light classes, especially as a beginner. Toxins go throughout the body by skin and proper breathing. This is a good way to learn your habits and what to change eventually, if you continue with yoga.

Traditionally, yoga is practiced barefoot. It is good to think about buying your own mat, although we have enough mats that you can borrow in studio.

Before you start your practice call a teacher and consult him about your conditions, needs and wishes about yoga.

It is recommended to practise with empty stomach since you will move in every direction and body needs time to focus only on the practice. Drinking water on the class is also not allowed as for the same purpose to let your body focus on the practice.

Coming earlier on your yoga class is also a way to know yourself and for a teacher to know how much you are into your yoga practice. If you are late and manage to enter the studio, please do it quietly not disturbing other students. Respect your time and other people time. We practise in silence to focus more on asanas, breathing and to let go of our daily life worries. Personal hygiene is essential part of yoga, make sure that your body and clothes are clean. Avoid wearing fragrances or make - up.

Before the class you should inform your teacher about eventual diseases, operations, injuries, special conditions, therapies or if you are pregnant. In this behalf, more is less, meaning that you can never say too much about yourself to your yoga teacher.

Be gentle, patient and responsible to yourself. Listen to your body and do not challenge yourself over the limits if you feel that this is not the rhythm of your body. Because of that it is smart to contact the teacher before you come to your first class and discuss opportunities for yourself. Yoga is based on respecting yourself and others. Try to leave your everyday life behind you and try to think before saying anything that will not serve you or others. 

Yoga is not a gymnastic exercise and it changes energy in the body which brings transformative processes. This can be very confusing as a beginner so try to enjoy it without judgement. There are different emotions that can occur during and after yoga classes, just remember that it is all normal and that your teacher has experienced it many times so do not hesitate to share how you feel.  Have in mind that yoga mat is a micro world of your world and that you and yourself only are responsible for this experience.

In any case, yoga is a gift and for sure you will be happier and you will feel safe at any time. Take your time and do not give up. Everything else will follow this intention.

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