"Love all. Serve all. Hurt never. Help ever."Sathya Sai Baba



Satya means truthfulness and it comes in a way of life, way of yoga practice. It is only way we can practice yoga, to be true to ourselves.

True yoga is about where your breath starts and beyond that, so eventually meditation and focusing practices and all of those higher practice. We're doing them to open the body, make ourselves more flexible, stronger, and then we can sit down and we can start to do our breath work. We can do our focusing, we can do our meditation, we can do our mantras and all of those practices. Whatever brings light in our soul and whatever brings love in our heart.

So really, true yoga is about being true to this body, healthy, being true to this mind, starting to focus, and then starting to do the higher practices.

Yoga begins actually when you start to do practices that are directly connected to the mind to change the quality of the mind. So there is a range of different yoga systems to practice that can deal with addressing that quality of mind aspect.

We are awakening our highest potential of compassion, patience, selflessness in actions that you can try perform in your every day life, all day long.

Influenced by my teachers and dedicated to yoga practice I am bringing to my students unique experience in classes. Through that intention they realize benefits of yoga for themselves.

Knowing that every each one of us is different I try to teach with wisdom of observing and kindness. I believe that every yoga practice is integrated part of an individual and I greet every humble and honest teacher in this sense.

And although I teach traditional and less traditional classes, I believe that everybody needs to find their own way. My personal practice is traditional astanga and other traditional styles. I aim to live yogic lifestyle and lead my classes in a way that reflects that choice. Being vegetarian more 20 years and connecting with roots & raw food, also helped me to teach and to spread unique and true knowledge about yoga, in ahimsa way. I am extremely blessed to have had the opportuniy to follow, study and offer the teachings from two respected and traditional lineages. Asana lineage: Rishi Vamana, Sri R. M. Bramachari, Sri Krishnamachariya and Sri K. P. Jois. Pranayama lineage: P.M. Madhavadas Maharaj, S. Kuvalayananda and Sri Om Prakesh Tiwari.

My living postulate is Satya, being truthful to Yourself, approaching yoga students in that way, very precisely and accurate, finding for each person space, challenge and peace in individual practice. Along with this I find yoga never ending journey of life, reaching unconditional joy in every moment.

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