"Proper effort is not the effort to make something particular happen. It is the effort to be aware and awake in each moment , the effort to overcome laziness and defilement, the effort to make each activity of our day meditation."Ajahn Chan


This program is about you and your practice. This development is essential for you as a future yoga teacher. It is not a quick - pick - up so you can go out armed with a few tips to throw at people in a general yoga class. Rather we practice asanas, kriyas, pranayama, meditation techniques and we study anatomy of the body and the energetic aspects, including the philosophy behind this great science.

My most loving wish was to share with a small group of people more knowledge about yoga as an ancient philosophy, but it is not something I will rush into as I think that knowledge comes from an experience and that knowledge is a subject to a constant revision. This teacher training course is a foundation course and a very good base for learning more. Becoming a yoga teacher is a continuous process that promotes skills, new knowledge, develops new proficiency, which in turn helps to improve learning. For sure, this yoga teacher training course is not just to have a certificate, as you will see on the way that there are much easier ways to achieve that. You will learn more about your yoga practice, about your life and choices you made, and you will be your first teacher and the best teacher ever. Yoga is a way of life and this teacher training course will help you find yourself in this chaotic world. You can start with that and see where will it lead you.

"Emphaty is about finding echoes of another person in yourself."M. Hamid

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